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As a Person with cancer I would love to grow a stash and show my support but unfortunatly my genetic stash growing abilities are limited so I’ll show support by reblogging this and maybe some like you can do more. GOOD LUCK!

Movember - Mens Cancer Campaign

Visit RetroPopPlanet’s Movember blogpost for more information.



Underground FacilityHere’s a radio program I listened to the other night I thought pretty interesting from ARIRAradio about:

UNDERGROUND BASES, tunnel boring machines, secret military tunnels under the United States and the late Phil Schneider.

Download mp3 or Listen at Blogtalk


The lizards need your help

I recieved an alert from today requesting help for the lizards in New Mexico and Texas so being the lizard loving person I am I immediatly responded by going to and doing my part to help save those loving little lizards.

However my personal passion is with the wolves 8) cool pic

Sign the Petition to Save the Lizards

Won’t you do your part to help these loveable little creatures too?


Music by Young Galaxy – Album Shapeshifting

Album Art - Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting (2010)

1 Nth
2 The Angels Are Surely Weeping (Featuring Hanna)
3 Blown Minded
4 We Have Everything
5 For Dear Life
6 Peripheral Visionaries
7 High And Goodbye
8 Phantoms
9 Cover Your Tracks
10 B.S.E
11 Shapeshifting


I listened to this album today and though I prefer classic rock I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed track 2 “The Angels are Surley Weeping” listen closely. I also thought the title track “Shapeshifting” was pretty cool.

I wonder if they (The Canadian Government) know something their expressing thru music 😉

Official YouTube Channel:

Artist Website:

Peripheral Visionaries Official Music Video:


Surviving 2012 and Planet X, Nibiru, The DESTROYER?

Planet X Special Report by Marshall MastersNew to the topic? This 5-part video series with 2 additional video’s (8 Planet X Flyby Scenario’s) and (Planet X Special Report No.1) Presented by Marshall Masters of, will get you quickly immersed in the key concepts. From there, you’ll be able to connect the dots for yourself very quickly and decide for yourself.


A few AUDIO interviews relating to this subject:
Marshall Masters interviews MrCometWatch Jessie Waltman
OHIO Exopolitics
Radio Interview’s Marshall Masters:

Copyable DVD


I say NO! to Shoot on Sight

Save the Wolves

Did you know that federal officials have formally announced plans to eliminate vital protections for wolves in Wyoming USA (Beautiful Country BTW), leaving these iconic animals at the mercy of a shoot-on-sight state policy that covers nearly 90% of the state? There is a better way.

Please join me in taking action online for these wolves at:

Save The Wolves.

Pack of Wolves


UPDATE: Check out my cool little Save the Wolves video at YouTube.

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