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Extraterrestrials And The Founding Fathers of America

Happy HOlidays.

Zazen Life

How are they connected? In many, many more ways than I had ever imagined.

Just prior to the Revolutionary War, a club of industrialists, natural philosophers, and intellectuals would meet once a month during the full moon. They called themselves the “Lunar Society”. Upon meeting, they would discuss new scientific ideas, life on other planets and how they could create a United States that would be different from other countries. Members included Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

On July 4th 1776, the colonies formally severed their ties to England. The men behind this movement were the founding fathers. In the words of the Declaration of Independence, they had risked “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, on an Ideal”. These men now looked to create not only a new nation, but a new world. Unlike the monarchies of Europe and Asia, the new American government would be…

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Some great photo’s of Paris from Retro Pop Planet.

Retro Pop Planet

Paris Day 2 – Woke up late, grabbed breakfast in the hotel, hopped the city bus to the Eiffel Tower District, overshot my stop by about half a mile, walked to the Trocadero and took standard touristy photos, waited in base line, tottered around tier two, waited in line thirty minutes only to find that I did not have the required ticket to visit tier three, purchased said ticket, got back in line, entered overcrowded elevator, was overcome by impressive views at the top, experienced a little vertigo, completed journey at the base – total time 2.5 hours. Done.

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The kozmickowboy has begun building. Enjoy!

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