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Surviving 2012 and Planet X, Nibiru, The DESTROYER?

Planet X Special Report by Marshall MastersNew to the topic? This 5-part video series with 2 additional video’s (8 Planet X Flyby Scenario’s) and (Planet X Special Report No.1) Presented by Marshall Masters of, will get you quickly immersed in the key concepts. From there, you’ll be able to connect the dots for yourself very quickly and decide for yourself.


A few AUDIO interviews relating to this subject:
Marshall Masters interviews MrCometWatch Jessie Waltman
OHIO Exopolitics
Radio Interview’s Marshall Masters:

Copyable DVD


SpaceX enters Another Race to Space


Rocket LaunchUnited States Air Force has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding or MOU with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and NASA to bring more players into the launch vehicle arena… Read more

Here’s a link to website as well. As soon as its made available I’d like to go to the moon, I hear Domino’s Pizza is considering puting a place up there for tourists to grab a bite to eat while touring the moon. I love Pizza 🙂

Embryonic Stars Emerge from Intersteller “Eggs”

I swung by the NASA/JPL website today to have a little look around and while checking out some of there photo galleries I came across an Image titled “Embryonic Stars Emerge from Intersteller Eggs” and noticed a few chunks of the photo missing. I wonder if they captured another UFO [Universal Flying Object].

They have some great images so here’s a link to the Photo Gallery and a link to the Embryonic Stars Emerge from Intersteller “Eggs” photo page. I’ll update this post if they respond to my email asking about the missing blocks from the image 😉

NASA/JPL Space Images Website.

Update: It appears its nothing according to Frank.

“Sometimes the astronomers who made the
observations have enough frames to cover the area they’re interested in,
but not enough to make an even square or rectangle.”

Thats cool, i’ll buy that @ 9:01pm pst. 10.11.11

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