Just thought eYe would provide and share a place where like minded individuals might eventually come to share, gather, discuss (or throw rocks) information regarding the extraterrestrial engagment thats been and is taking place here on planet earth and beyond.


Also in addition to the above, provide a location to get together and discuss, prepare, organize and contemplate disclosure of global contact and ramify solutions to the problems that will surley arise from such an event.

Plus the Name just sounded cool at the time!

My plan is to be posting a few posts a day but right now I’ll only be posting one every 3-5 days or when ever I get around to it while I do some research. Right now I’m researching the fascinating DULCE subject.

Here’s a great UFO Hunters video on the subject with Bill Birnes and team from The History Channel investigate and apparently the show gets cancelled after this investigation.

You can email me personally here if you so desire.


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