Music by Young Galaxy – Album Shapeshifting

Album Art - Young Galaxy - Shapeshifting

Shapeshifting (2010)

1 Nth
2 The Angels Are Surely Weeping (Featuring Hanna)
3 Blown Minded
4 We Have Everything
5 For Dear Life
6 Peripheral Visionaries
7 High And Goodbye
8 Phantoms
9 Cover Your Tracks
10 B.S.E
11 Shapeshifting


I listened to this album today and though I prefer classic rock I really enjoyed it. I especially enjoyed track 2 “The Angels are Surley Weeping” listen closely. I also thought the title track “Shapeshifting” was pretty cool.

I wonder if they (The Canadian Government) know something their expressing thru music 😉

Official YouTube Channel:

Artist Website:

Peripheral Visionaries Official Music Video:



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