Surviving 2012 and Planet X, Nibiru, The DESTROYER?

Planet X Special Report by Marshall MastersNew to the topic? This 5-part video series with 2 additional video’s (8 Planet X Flyby Scenario’s) and (Planet X Special Report No.1) Presented by Marshall Masters of, will get you quickly immersed in the key concepts. From there, you’ll be able to connect the dots for yourself very quickly and decide for yourself.


A few AUDIO interviews relating to this subject:
Marshall Masters interviews MrCometWatch Jessie Waltman
OHIO Exopolitics
Radio Interview’s Marshall Masters:

Copyable DVD



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Independent Research Analyst, UFOlogy Enthusiast.

3 responses to “Surviving 2012 and Planet X, Nibiru, The DESTROYER?”

  1. Rebecca says :

    Cant we just blow up the destroyer

    • Darren K. says :


      Niburu/Planet X/The 10th Planet behind the Sun is about 33x the size of planet earth and there is not a thing us mere mortals can do about its upcoming flyby which is sure to be exciting. Swing by Jason Martels for tons of fairly good information.

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