I say NO! to Shoot on Sight

Save the Wolves

Did you know that federal officials have formally announced plans to eliminate vital protections for wolves in Wyoming USA (Beautiful Country BTW), leaving these iconic animals at the mercy of a shoot-on-sight state policy that covers nearly 90% of the state? There is a better way.

Please join me in taking action online for these wolves at: http://dfnd.us/q2B8rn.

Save The Wolves.

Pack of Wolves

PHOTO CREDIT: www.all-about-wolves.com

UPDATE: Check out my cool little Save the Wolves video at YouTube.


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4 responses to “I say NO! to Shoot on Sight”

  1. Sam Watson says :

    I agree, I sent my message and posted it all over facebook. I love wolves and think that what they are doing is wrong. Thank you for sharing this vital information with the general public, it is greatly appreciated.

    • Darren K. says :

      Thanks Sam, I too think some of the ways wolves are handled is wrong. I sincerely sympothize with the rancher as well protecting their livestock however I firmly believe and stand behind a better way than shooting on sight.

      Below is a link to a little personal video featuring some wolf photo’s I put together the other night playing around with google’s picasa photo manager in case your interested.


      I’m going to put it in the original post when I update it as well and perhaps on my blog side bar as a permanent feature and show off a little 🙂

      Good luck with your book.

  2. joshalexanderphotography says :

    Glad to see a fellow wolf supporter, please keep up the great work!

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